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Gerlach Cleaning Systems Cash & Carry Program

» A 20% cleaning discount will be given for any rugs brought to our plant.

» To qualify for any discount, we must not need to make any extra trips to pick up the item. We can pick up the item (rug, cushion, etc) when cleaning at your house and then you pick up at Gerlach when completed; OR you can bring the item to Gerlach and we will deliver it when doing scheduled cleaning in your home; OR you can bring and pick up the item.

» There is no minimum charge on cash and carry work. If you have one cushion, bring it in.

» Clerical staff may not be able to help with large items, so if you have large items, please call to make certain there will be help available if needed.

» All items on a “Will Call” or “Cash and Carry” basis must be picked up within 30 days after completion.

» All items left over 30 days beyond completion will be charged storage and any discounts given will be lost.

» Arrangements for storage may be made with Gerlach at our discretion.

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